Tuesday, December 20, 2011



"Reign with Royalty"

A Great Show Took Place 
Saturday December 17, 2011 at The African American Museum
in Los Angeles California
These ladies are Classy & Sassy
Look out for them to Rip The Runway in your City Soon.

Contact CEO/Founder Tania Capree on FB
A Big "T" Hollywood Production

                               Entertainment was provided by WOOD WORKS

                            THIXOTIX Donated Proceeds to TOYS FOR TOTS.

5 More Days Til Christmas

                                                 TIS THE SEASON
                                 Only a few more days to go til December 25, 2011
                           May you have good health and Strength this Holiday Season.
                      Blessings come in many directions be ready cause yours is coming!

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Punch TV Network Goes Live on Galaxy 19


Los Angeles, CA – The sounds of authentic gaiety float from coast-to-coast each year from October to January, touching minds, soothing spirits, and generating hope that the woes of the past year will be transformed into joy during the new time era. In this regard, it is appropriate that Punch TV selected Wednesday, October 20, 2011 as its time of birth. A project that has been in preproduction for approximately 2½ years, Punch TV is symbolic of the melting pot, the blending, the mixture of flavors that is synonymous with life in the United States. Utilizing the theme, “Are you thirsty yet?” Punch TV, the brainchild of entrepreneur Joseph Collins, President and CEO, was conceived as an entertainment entity that blends the many flavors of Americans into a set of multicultural, multi-ethnic dramas, comedies, talk shows, reality shows, newscasts, and other genres of television entertainment.

            Rather than complaining each season regarding a perceived failure of mainstream television producers to produce diverse programming, Punch TV was born as an entertainment island that displays the racial/ethnic, age, gender, socioeconomic, religious, and other forms of diversity of America. With 70% original programs, Punch TV has introduced a broad array of absolutely unique programming. Dramas such as the series, Port City Police Department, are reminiscent of current detective shows such as Criminal Minds. The musical drama, Get Thee Behind Me, is a synthesis of the Sopranos, Glee and Touched by an Angel. The Hollywood Punch Report is reminiscent of E!News. The suspense drama, If By Chance, is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Even more exciting, original music and original novels accompany many of these shows.

            Punch TV began airing nationwide on Wednesday, October 20, 2011 in selected cities. If viewers are unable to find Punch TV, they should call their local cable or satellite carriers and demand them to carry Punch Television Network.       For further information contact: Joseph Collins  562-424-4597

                                      CALL YOUR LOCAL CABLE PROVIDER
                                              I WANT MY PUNCH TV

Monday, December 12, 2011

"THE TRUTH II" Coming in 2012

                       Coming Soon "THE TRUTH II" 2012
      DEEPER & DEEPER JeffreyValantine Ft. Mc Burton II           
                Produced by JeffreyValantine & Mc Burton II



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