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Welcome To Grand Land Entertainment. CEO Jeffrey Valantine.
We specialize in recording, mixing, mastering, and distribution.

Jeffrey Valantine
Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jeffrey Valantine has been blessed to travel all over the United States as a Writer, Arranger, Composer, and Producer. He is the CEO of Grand Land Entertainment. Grandlandent is a recording label with national distribution. All The Album Covers and works on this Page are Produced by JeffreyValantine.
Jeffrey Valantine delivers Intense, Soulful, Melodic Vocals, with creative writing skills. The music is a blended, Sound of Soul, with a throwback edge of Old School R&B. His songs reflect personal experiences, however the words and melodies, speak to all of us.


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                                              JeffreyValantine "THE TRUTH 
               Get Your Copy Today CD Baby

                               Jamal "ALONE" Produced by JeffreyValantine
                      Get Your Copy Today! CD BABY

                                               Brown Sugar

                                          Like We Made Love

                                          Hurry Don't Wait Ft. Bobby DeBarge 1996

                                           Feel Me
                                         U Bring Me Joy

                                            3 Times A Day Ft. Kisya

                                           You Stayed Still

                                          Lovin A Woman Ft. Token Blaq

                                          Do You Love Me "The Return Of Song"

                                           Not Suppose To Be Like This

                          Jamal ft. GC 24KT & P.E. - Extended Sex/Say Ah (mixtape)

                                         Round and Round

                                           Daddy's House

                                           Never Liked My Name

                                         If I Should Die

                                          God All By Your Self

                                          Somebody Loves You

                                           The Highest Praise

                                          I Love My People

                                          Sunny Daze
                               If You're Going To Hell Tell Hell I Ain't Comin

Coming Soon "THE TRUTH II" 2012
JeffreyValantine Ft. Mc Burton II
Produced by JeffreyValantine & Mc Burton II


GrandLand Entertainment

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