Friday, September 16, 2011


You must live for today because life is short you'll never know when your Day may expired from the forefront your life should be special to you it's like reading different chapters from a book, You see as you go through life the story changes just remember you must fulfill your every living day it would be a shame not to complete the task that is set before you live each Day like it's your last live your life to the fullest because God won't let you do nothing that you can't, he won't give you more then you can not handle just remember God gives you special talents, just walk with faith by your side and let the lord be your guide in whatever direction you choose keep focused on what is in stored for you. Tomorrow isn't promised to you just go out your way and take out time to pray you may go to sleep and never awaken another Day. Forget about the past and plan for the future but Today is what you got to get through Tomorrow isn't promised to you.

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